How To Own Your New Gelato Business Without The Risk Of Waiting For Customers To Walk Through Your Front Door…

If you want to own your own profitable gelato business, read this...
Why a gelato business?


A gelato business can definitely help you become your own boss. But for it to work you need to love talking to people, you need money to invest in a business, and you need time to start a business. If that's not you then a gelato business probably isn't for you. 

But if you're thinking, 'yes, that's me' let's jump right in... 


What are you getting?


This is a mobile business. You have the big advantage of being able to go to your customers rather than waiting for them to find you.


It’s about more than Gelato, it's a lifestyle business. You have choices. You can leave the three cold winter months alone, take time out and go and travel and relax in a warm location of your choice.


When you are trading, you can apply to be the events you want to be at and choose your own daily location (subject to permits and conditions). Mobile gelato businesses are often popular at weddings too!


What other business gives you this much flexibility? You can go find your customers so the till keeps ringing.


You don't need a big team of people to run your business. In fact, it's an ideal business for a couple. You only need two people to handle the busy events market.

In addition you can…


•   Be part of the award-winning, established Gelato Roma network, for a relatively low investment.

•   Sell authentic, high-quality products

•   Join a low investment but high return opportunity

•   Have the flexibility to be where your clients are: markets, fair, events or simply in a good street spot in your city. 

•   Enjoy lower management costs compared to a fixed shop so you can quickly get a return on your investment and make a great margin on your product. 

•   Diversify and provide gelato and coffee to have an even more profitable business. 

•   Sell authentic Italian artisan gelato (Gelato Roma received 4 gold and 5 silver medals at the 2016 and 2017 NZ Ice Cream awards). 

•   Sell products that feature natural products. We use whole unhomogenised Wangapeka milk as a distinctive fresh and unprocessed base for our gelato, awesome New Zealand nuts and berries, and loads of local fresh fruit (up to 45%). 

•   Receive comprehensive training, and business and marketing support. 


And much, much, more!


But you know what you’ll really love? The freedom of being a business owner.


This can be a part time business but it can earn you a full time income

What to do next


The investment in this business starts from $28,800 + GST.


We do have different options, so if you are interested right now, definitely take the next step of contacting me.


Obviously territories are limited to protect each other and ensure you have a great area to exclusively trade in.


Please contact me (Daniela) on 021 554 619 by calling direct or send me a text, or email at to find out more about the business.







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Silver medals 2019: Tiramisu, Feijoa Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet.

Silver medals 2018: Raspberry, Boysenberry, Lemon, Feijoa, Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Black Cherry & Caramelized Peanuts

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