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Our Story

A huge part of being Italian is our connection with food. For as long as we can remember we’ve handpicked the freshest ingredients, turned the preparation of a dish into a social occasion, and made time to sit and savour the flavours with our loved ones.

When we moved from Italy to New Zealand, we wanted to keep that connection with food alive. What better way to express it than with gelato and sorbet?

We handcraft authentic artisan gelato and sorbet from locally sourced ingredients

Using unhomogenised, local milk from A2-tested, grass-fed cows, hazelnuts grown in Canterbury, and seasonal berries and fruit from the Southern Alps, Richmond Plains and the Moutere Hills, we create the authentic taste of Italy using the natural goodness of New Zealand.

‘Simple and fresh’ – that’s our philosophy

Traditional Italian recipes are simple, perfectly balanced and made with the freshest ingredients. So when it comes to our products, our philosophy is ‘simple and fresh’ – a notion that works in perfect harmony with New Zealand, home of great milk and great local produce.

We’ve revolutionised our process with innovative technology

We’ve taken the traditional artisan gelato making methods we grew up with and combined them with the very best technology. The deliciously creamy texture Gelato Roma is known for is something you’ll only find at our franchises across New Zealand.

We want to be NZ’s best gelato and sorbet makers, not the biggest

For us, quality wins out over quantity every time. That’s why we handcraft small batches of gelato and sorbet every day. The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste. 

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