Using unhomogenised milk from A2-tested, grass-fed cows and local produce from across the South Island, we create authentic Italian gelato the natural way. No pre-mixed powders. Just the pure goodness of New Zealand.

Less cream = lower fat content.
Gluten free and dairy free (soy) available

We have 18 gelato and sorbet flavours available all year.


Here our permanent gelato flavours:


*Milk Chocolate * Salted Caramel * Stracciatella * Peppermint * Coffee * Vanilla * Hazelnut *Pic's Peanut Butter * Tiramisu

Fruit Yoghurt * Gianduia ( Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate) *Strawberry Pavlova * 

We make additional gelato flavours seasonally.

Ask your Gelato Roma retailer for options.​





100% natural and dairy free, we use real fruit juices and homemade fruit purees to make our sorbets. No juice concentrate. Just fresh, NZ-grown produce that makes up around 50% of the sorbet’s fruit content.

Vegan friendly
Gluten free

The following sorbets flavours are available all year:

Lemon * Boysenberry * Raspberry * Mango * Chocolate * Feijoa 


We make additional sorbet flavours seasonally.

Ask your Gelato Roma retailer for options.


Feijoa sorbet.jpg