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Using unhomogenised milk from A2-tested, grass-fed cows and local produce when possible from across the South Island, we create authentic Italian gelato the natural way. No pre-mixed powders. Just the pure goodness of New Zealand.

Less cream = lower fat content.
Gluten free and dairy free (soy) available on request

We have 18 gelato and sorbet flavours available all year.


Here our permanent gelato flavours:


*Milk Chocolate * Salted Caramel * Stracciatella * Peppermint * Coffee * Vanilla * Hazelnut *Pic's Peanut Butter * Tiramisu

Fruit Yoghurt * Gianduia ( Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate) *Mango * 

We make additional gelato flavours seasonally.

Ask your Gelato Roma retailer for options.​





Dairy and gluten free ingredients and vegan friendly*. We use real fruit juices, local raspberries and boysenberries from the Tasman region and/or homemade fruit purees to make our sorbets.  In our berry sorbets around 40-45% is berries. 

The following sorbet flavours are available all year:

Lemon, Boysenberry, Raspberry,Mango, Chocolate, Feijoa 


We make additional sorbet flavours seasonally.

*In our factory we produce products containing milk, wheat, gluten, peanuts, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios), eggs, soy, berries.  Small traces of the above mentioned allergens could be found in any of our products. 


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